Sunday, 6 February 2011


FRY: shirt thing - vintage, dress - American Apparel, boots - Primark, necklaces - Urban Outfitters

A fan of all things puffa, this is the first of Fry's many quilted numbers to be showcased on this blog. Quite apart from their wipe clean appeal, on a night out in Manc they offer more warmth than most to all of her assorted knitwear. The outside of this plaid number is actually flannel, which combined with the quilted lining apparently makes for a good cuddle. It's also quite nice to walk over when left on her bedroom floor. Although partial to the odd bottle of Johnsons, Fry assures us that today's bronzed legs are meerly a product of trendy photo editing. She apologies that in her attempt to 'find her light', her head is to one side in every single photo.

KEAST: playsuit - ASOS, shoes - Office, tights - H&M

Keast ordered this playsuit from the ASOS sale and it almost didn't do up due to the well-stocked fridge over the Christmas period. She's very tempted to wear this to her hours of education but feels the zip being in the front may make her one-on-one supervisions awkward. The prostitute shoes were a birthday gift from parents Keast although she bought them herself and daddy keast says if it was up to him he wouldn't let her out the house. Keast tried to do serious face on the stairs but the fact that it was night-time and she was in the throes of a pneumonia/TB hybrid has led to disappointing results. This said she's moved rooms now which may lead to both bedroom AND living room shots complete with a sink and a quality TK Maxx tablecloth (it's basically MTV cribs.)   ALSO when writing the little bit about where her clothes were from she realised she really wasn't wearing that much for winter and will go all out on the layers next time. 

We're experimenting with new layout in order to source maximum space for the writings of Freast, but only having a B in half-course IT GCSE is not helping procedures as we have yet to need to build a spreadsheet about garden centres. Fry has a 'Reading Week' (jealous face from Keast) so the posts should be coming thick and fast in the days ahead. Loving the comments and followings, will hopefully have time to reply to them all amongst pretending to follow the superbowl and fighting off plagues. 



  1. Please keep the new layout, it's nicer having bigger pictures :D Love the playsuit, and I thought those were some unusual yellow tights. Obvs not. I don't think I'd fancy yellow tights all that much.

  2. Hahaha oh you kids crack me up :P I love this "Also it's quite nice to walk over when left on her bedroom floor" Rahaha!
    Ps. i like the new styleee, bigger pictures make me happy!
    lovelove xxx

  3. Nice looks!

  4. I love that checked oversize shirt!

  5. thanks!!!

    ok you have me i follow :p

  6. wow great post:)xxx

  7. You guys are insane! Loving this.

    sPam of frou-frou

  8. Nice--I love that jumper.

    Melanie@Unravelled Threads
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  9. like your take on plaids, boy friend style with an extra feminine feel:)

  10. I love your look in the first picture !
    Very cute!

    Ps: J'aime ton blog ♥

  11. hahaha very funny post...i love the asos playsuit! just adorable :)

  12. love the playsuit ! following :)

  13. Great looks! I love the patterns in both of them :)

    VPV Intern