Tuesday, 11 January 2011


Freast and their empty bank-accounts went crazy in Southampton, the result being that majority of these outfits were sourced from the glowing beacon that is the H&M sale, an experience that encourages shoppers to invest in a calibre of clothing that perhaps lies beyond their day to day attire. As haute couture as we’re sure this mock snake skin skirt seems, the garment was in actual fact a snatch at £7. 

 top - H&M, skirt - H&M, necklaces - Urban Outfitters

Unfortunately our inclination of getting over excited by prices constantly leads us to over look size, and so it is for this reason that this skirt is a size too big. We overcame this issue magnificently through our use of line, light and in the mirror photographic skill. However, if our eating habits established over the festive period continue, we’re sure it will fit snugly by the end of the month. A less garish article of clothing, this black and white striped top sported by Fry goes with any and every colour (although the wearer may benefit from a January tan). This is her attempt at being fierce and trying to make it work. In Keast’s head this jacket is phenomenal and she’ll wear it everywhere but in reality, the fact that it’s velvet and feels nice only when you stroke it a certain way has been increasingly intimidating her. 

At the moment of trying on the respective tops with the skirt in the changing room it was because we had no alternative option. Yet instead of conforming to the old rule of ‘don’t wear polyutherine faux-snakeskin skirts with monochrome horizontal AND diagonal stripes or a jacket comprised of an optical illusion’, Freast have decided to embrace pattern-on-pattern chic.

top - Topshop, skirt - H&M, jacket - H&M, belt - Mulberry

In other news, we are in great anticipation to return to our repective establishments of higher education and gauge opinion on Christmas haul through points and stares inside AND outside the lecture theatre.


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